5 powerful steps to release limiting beliefs

5 Steps to Overcome Self Limiting Beliefs

We all want to follow our heart and pursue dreams close to our heart. Some of us put our heart and soul in trying to make these dreams a reality. We put our effort, time, thinking, and hard work, yet sometimes, results seem to be in no sight. We wonder where we are going wrong and why our dreams are not a reality even after giving 100%. One important aspect many of us overlook while working on our dreams is – our beliefs. It is nearly impossible to achieve our dreams with negative or limiting beliefs within us. Sometimes, we will be stuck for years to decades in the same problem, trying everything and wondering why there is no success. One reason for this is our limiting beliefs. So, let’s see how limiting beliefs impact our dreams.

We all have various beliefs in life like – something is good for us, something is bad for us, etc. The definition of belief is – you accept something as truth without any proof. Most of our beliefs are formed based on what we saw or heard or read or repeatedly experienced in life and not necessarily the truth. Our parents, teachers, experiences, environment around us, and several other factors shape our beliefs. We form our beliefs unconsciously in the past, and we live our current life and plan future life based on these beliefs coming from the past.

Here is an example of how our beliefs shape our lives. 

Say a boy in his teens had a bad relationship with a girl where the girl cheated him. Ok, this boy has moved on. Due to some strange coincidence, his best friend, too, got cheated by a girl. If this person is not conscious, he will unconsciously create the belief that all girls cheat. He has two experiences, which made him create this belief, and this belief is the truth for him. After these two incidents, he starts living his life based on this new belief.

Say, after many years, the boy has become a man now who is working and is looking for marriage. Though he wants to get married, deep within, he does not feel so happy entering into marriage because somewhere, his unconscious belief reminds him that – all girls cheat. So his marriage is delayed for no apparent reason. After all the struggles, even if he gets married, he still carries the fear that his wife may cheat him. So for no reason, this man starts behaving suspiciously towards his wife and ends up creating disharmony in his marriage.

This is how our seemingly harmless beliefs impact our lives. Most of the time, we will not even be aware that we carry such beliefs because they might have been created many years ago, and we may not even remember them. But all our beliefs are very much alive sitting in our subconscious mind, and 90% of our actions are determined by the beliefs we carry in our subconscious mind. Every one of us carry these limiting beliefs in our life consciously or unconsciously.

If you have a belief that money is the root of all evil, it doesn’t matter how much you work hard and how much you want money. You still will end up with not much money because your belief is money is evil, and you don’t want evil in life. So, your own belief stops you from achieving prosperity and success. This is how our beliefs bring us success or failure. It is critical to know what your beliefs are because beliefs control your thoughts, decisions, behaviors, and your destiny. Your health, wealth, relationships, success, happiness in life are dependent on your beliefs.

The good news is you can change your beliefs. You can choose empowering beliefs in life that bring you success. Instead of limiting beliefs that don’t support you in your dreams, you can consciously choose beliefs that support you and help you achieve your dreams. So, how to create empowering beliefs and release limiting beliefs?

Below is the 5 step process, along with an example.

1.Identify a goal or dream which you are not able to achieve. Example – Weight loss

Weight loss

2.Question yourself – “what are my negative beliefs about weight loss? Why am I not able to achieve my goal in spite of giving my best?” And write down your answers on a paper. Some of your limiting beliefs can be as below.

1.Overweight is in my genes.
2. My parents are overweight, so I cannot lose weight.
3. I cannot sustain weight loss programs for long.
4. It’s so hard to lose weight.
5. The only way to lose weight is to starve myself.
6. Even though I eat less, I become fat.
7. Whatever I eat makes me fat.

Identify the limiting belief that resonates with you.

3. You can also find your limiting beliefs by being aware of your conversations and your thoughts.

4.Once you find your limiting belief, remove it and replace it with an empowering statement opposite to your limiting belief. Based on the identified limiting belief, create an empowering statement like below.

1. My fitness is in my hands.
2. When I follow the right strategy, I can maintain my fitness easily.
3. It’s easy to lose weight.
4. I can eat healthy, wholesome foods as much as I want and can maintain my fitness.
5. Fitness is an outcome of eating healthy.

Choose one empowering statement which is opposite to the limiting belief you identified in step 2.

5.Once you identify your empowering statement, you need to make it your strong belief. For this, you can follow two approaches.

1. You can meditate regularly and make it your strong belief. 

2. If you are not a meditator, you can use this. Gather all the examples where this empowering statement is true. For example, if your empowering statement is “It’s easy to lose weight,” find examples of all those people who lost weight easily and tell yourself repeatedly– “It’s easy to lose weight.” Repeat this till your empowering statement feels like truth to you. 

This is how you can replace your limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs. Sometimes, this change may not happen overnight and may need time. That’s ok. Take that time and change your beliefs. Once your belief is changed, you have higher chances of achieving your dreams and goals. With the right beliefs in place, you will find ways in the face of obstacles. You will find the right strategies. You will meet the right people. And eventually, you will achieve your goals.

Change your beliefs and change your life!

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you are right.” – Henry Ford

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