5 reasons why you should write your goals

Write your goals

We all have dreams and goals in life. We want to achieve that weight loss or our dream job or go for a world tour. Our goals help us improve. We keep thinking about how to achieve these goals and try different approaches. But do you know that writing down your goals is a very important aspect of achieving goals?

Many of us think what’s the big deal about writing and overlook this aspect. Also, our laziness stops us from writing, and we keep believing it’s ok not to write down our goals. Who takes out that notebook and a pen and writes? Is it really worth it? Yes, it’s worth overcoming this laziness and writing down our goals.

Here are 5 reasons why we should jot down our goals in a journal.

1. Brings clarity: When we write our goals in a book, we gain more clarity on what we want, and we can see through the details. Writing down helps us derive the details. And the more detailed we are about a goal, there are higher chances of achieving the goal. Research shows that people who can describe the details of their goals are more likely to accomplish their goals than people who don’t.

2. Tunes subconscious mind: A human mind generates 60,000 thoughts in a day on an average. Now, how does our subconscious mind know which thoughts are important to us and which are not? Our goal is just one of these 60,000 thoughts and it’s so easy to overlook it. When we write down our goals, it’s like giving this instruction to our subconscious mind – “this particular aspect is important to me and find a way to achieve it.”

3. Better memory: When we write down something, we remember it better. Yes, our parents and teachers were right when they told us to write down our notes in school. Our brain registers the information better when it is written down. When we write down our goals, we remember our goals and try to work towards them. Goal setting is one thing, and remembering these goals is another thing altogether. Many of us set goals, but we drift along and forget these goals after a point of time. So, when you write, the chances of forgetting your goals are low. Numerous researches have proved this point.

4. Better focus: Life has many distractions, and it’s so easy to lose sight of what we want. It’s easy to be consumed by unimportant aspects of life and waste our time on things that don’t matter to us. In a research, it was found that students who don’t write the notes remember unimportant aspects of the class more than the important aspects. Whereas, students who write down the notes remember important aspects more than unimportant aspects. So, when we write down our goals, we know where to spend our time, focus, and energy.

5. Improves commitment: We write down something only when it is important to us. We don’t write down gossip or new items in our journal. We write only that stuff which matters to us. If we really sat down to write down our goal, keeping all things aside, it shows these goals really matter to us. Our body and mind understand this. We become more committed and passionate about our goals when we write them.


These are the five reasons why you should write down your goals.

So, where to write down our goals? Paper or laptop? Some of us may think this question is redundant in these times. This is an electronic age, and who writes on a paper today? But research has shown that writing down on a paper using your hand is more powerful and beneficial than typing on a mobile or desktop. Read about this interesting research below.

Research details: Two professors conducted a research to find out which option is beneficial – writing down or typing. One professor is from Princeton University, and the other is from UCLA University. These professors conducted this research on a group of students. In this group, some students wrote down the notes in a book while some students noted it in a laptop.

Research evaluated these two groups of students on below three parameters.

· How much information did they retain?

· How well did they understand the material?

· How efficiently they could synthesize and generalize the information given in the class?

The study had interesting observations. It revealed that students who wrote their notes on paper did better than students who typed on all the three parameters. Why is that?

Students who wrote their notes by hand knew that they couldn’t jot down every word. This forced them to focus on listening and digesting, then summarize the lecture in their own written words. So, their brain worked more efficiently, and this resulted in better retention and understanding of the class.

The research also showed that students who took notes on their laptops took more notes. But they retained much less. This is because students who use a laptop simply type a record of the lecture. They don’t use their brain to process what is being taught. Therefore, students are merely noting down, but not processing.

So, this research shows us that writing is superior to typing when it comes to writing your goals. Maintain a journal or a notebook that brings you joy and use it exclusively for your goals. Jot down your goals in this book. What is important to you? What do you want to achieve in health and fitness? How do you want your career to be? What matters to you in life? Ponder on these questions and write down the answers.

Is writing once enough? No. The greater number of times you write, the better your mind registers, and your chances of achieving the goal improve significantly. If you are really serious about your goal, write it down every day and reinforce your commitment.

Start writing down your goals now! Now is the moment!

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