5 keys to Self Awareness

Self Awareness

Would you consider yourself Self Aware? Do you know what factors constitute being self-aware? Do you think you know someone who is self-aware? Do you want to become aware of yourself and join this exciting process? Here’s how you can become self-aware, join us in this journey of awareness!

Self Awareness is developing an emotional armour to any psychological distress we may experience during any time. It may seem like an easy process to achieve, however, it is not as easy as it may seem. To truly prioritize yourself is a lifelong process few people want to experience, but it is an equally hard journey of not being self-critical and forgiving yourself. Being clear of what you want and respecting your boundaries is the first step to this lifelong journey and the limitations are not just to yourself; you start understanding others and how they perceive you better aw well. Let’s now understand how you can start developing a self-aware attitude.

Practise self-reflection daily

Committing to self-reflection daily might be a difficult task, but you need to do this regularly as well to understand your progress and thought process. Self-reflection can be made easy with the maintenance of a journal. Scribble your thoughts and feelings in a book and look back on it whenever you can, once you start this process you will know your progress. 

Start looking at yourself more objectively

It is very difficult to think objectively about ourselves. We are more compassionate towards our personal choices as compared to how critical we care about others. So, when you are writing your journal or thinking about any situation that could have gone differently, try understanding yourself from a different perspective. Think about how you would view someone else who had reacted in the way you have in a stressful situation and ask yourself if you would be happy with how they handled the situation. Such activities may seem menial but they help you gain an insight into your personality. 

Pen down your priorities, goals and plans. 

What would you say your priorities are? Your significant other, your family, financial assurance or your career? Our priorities directly affect the way we behave. All the small factors contribute towards the bigger goals of our lives. Your performance in an office or college, how determined you are in these respective fields directly affect your future in the place. So if your performance is promising, it shows your hard work and dedication, your commitment to your goals and vice versa. Set your priorities right and come up with plans and goals accordingly. 

set your goals

Practise mindfulness techniques

Mindfulness techniques may feel overwhelming to those who haven’t tried them but the ones who have tried mindfulness know how it works. Such techniques make you aware of your surroundings, yourself and bring you a sense of calm and purpose. Practising mindfulness makes you organised and gives you time to think about the repercussions of your actions. 

Have honest conversations with your friends and family

Sit down for a productive conversation between yourself and your friends/family. Honest feedback is often received from our loved ones without any filters. Trying this method will also give you a chance to introspect what could have been done a different way or how your actions have been perceived. This gives you a chance to have insights about your behaviour. 

Being self-aware is not one day or one week’s journey. It is a journey that helps you develop as a person and gives you numerous opportunities for self-evaluation. Having said that it is also important to understand that you are a human bound to make mistakes here and there. Accept the good and bad as part of that journey and take home learnings. 

Stay aware and keep smiling. 

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