15 simple tips to fix your bad day

bad day

Not all days in life will be exciting and fun. You find some days boring and depressing. Some days will be bad days with things out of our control. And on some days, you feel stressed and irritated. Life will have all such days in addition to awesome and fabulous days. Such bad days make us feel low and depressed, which is typical. On such days, instead of feeling bad and spending the entire day in a low mood, some questions we can ask are – “Can we do something about such days? Can we fix your bad days a little vibrant?”

And here is the answer to these questions – Yes. Any day, no matter how bad it is, can be made better – at least 10% better. All it needs is some effort and an open mind to try out some tips. Here are 15 tips which can help you fix your bad day.

15 tips to fix your bad day :

1. Call your good friend – Friendships with some people stay forever. We might not be in touch with them every day, but we know for sure that some friends are always there for us. They are just a call away. Call such a good friend and speak out your heart. Have a nice conversation. This makes you feel better.

2. Listen to happy music – Music can uplift your mood. Great music can change the vibes of a person and the place. Listen to happy music that you love and enjoy the music. You can also sing along as if no one is listening to you.

3. Dance – Close the door of your room, play music with beats, and dance like no one is watching. It does not matter how you perform the steps. The only thing that matters is dancing. This helps you to come out of your mood quickly.


4. Use aromatherapy – In aromatherapy, there are many essential oils that can uplift your mood in a few minutes. Essential oils are derived from plants and carry unique properties that can heal us. You can use lemon essential oil or lavender essential oil to uplift your mood quickly. Diffuse these oils using a diffuser in your surroundings and experience the magic.

5. Burn an incense – Burning an incense uplifts your mood. You can burn sandalwood incense or rose incense or any other incense you have at home and inhale the pleasant fragrance. When you are burning incense, make sure that you are using natural incenses that are free of chemicals. You can also burn camphor or loban (called as sambrani) and nicely inhale these fragrances.

6. Watch Sunset – Watching Sunset calms down the mind. Sunset is a beautiful sight for both eyes and mind. It rejuvenates you, and the vibrant colors of Sunset in the sky uplift your mood. While watching Sunset, you can also chant any mantra you know.

7. Declutter– Decluttering is a great tool to change your mood. You can declutter your desk or your wardrobe or a bedroom based on your time and energy level. Whichever space you choose, remove all the unwanted stuff and arrange the place neatly in a way that appeals to you. This makes you feel productive, lighter, and better. Decluttering also gives you a sense of accomplishment and, at the same time, makes the space around you better.

8. Exercise – Do some exercise like walking or jumping around or nice stretches etc. Your body and mind are closely related. What impacts our body also impacts our mind. When you exercise, feel-good hormones are released in your body, and they make you feel better.

9. Be creative – Indulge in your creative side and create something like painting, crafts, art, piece of poetry, etc. You can search on YouTube for many “Do It Yourself” crafts and try some of them. This gives you the satisfaction of doing something new. If you have a liking for cooking, you can also try out a new recipe and experiment.

10. Go down the memory lane – Look back at your old photographs and think of nice memories from the past. Appreciate the beautiful moments captured in these pics. Feel grateful to the divine for all such beautiful memories. Also, feel thankful to the people who were with you in these pics.

11. Smile – Yes, just smile and do nothing. Smile is a mood enhancer that releases feel-good hormones in your body. Just sitting and smiling can change your mood. The good news is, according to research made on smile, even a fake smile can make a positive impact.

12. Laugh – Watch comedy stuff and laugh crazily and madly. Laughter is a great therapy for body, mind, and spirit. It de-stresses and relaxes us.

13. Wear a new dress – If you have a new dress in your wardrobe and you kept it for some special occasion, use it now. This is the day which needs it. Wearing a new dress makes you feel good about yourself and brightens your mood.

14. Dress up – Even though you might not be in a mood to go out, just dress up. Wear some nice clothes, try a new hairstyle and apply makeup. And don’t forget to compliment yourself. Dressing up is a nice mood enhancer.

15. Smell flowers –If you have some flowers in your home or in your balcony, pick up a flower and smell it. Touch the flower and feel the softness. Look at its vibrant colors and the way it is arranged and colored by the divine hands. The color, fragrance, and softness of the flower relax your mind and act as mood changers.

These are the 15 tips to fix your bad day. External situations might not be in our control but how we respond to them is in our control. We can choose to spend our day in sadness and bitterness or try to smile and cheer up. It’s up to each one of us what we choose. Life is short, and its worth to make better choices.

Keep Smiling!

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