13 logical reasons to follow your heart

reasons to follow your heart

Falling in love is a special feeling. A person in love forgets time and space. Suddenly, this person finds the courage to do anything for the happiness of that special person. Life feels vibrant and exciting. This love-struck person will be ready to go beyond the limitations and boundaries of everyday life. One experiences the same magic when they follow their heart. Every single day becomes lively despite challenges and obstacles. Every day feels magical and adventurous. 

Is life all about sleeping, waking up, working, marrying, and dying, or is there more to it? When we follow our heart, we experience that there is a lot more to life than the visible routine. Each of us has a purpose, and our lives have meaning. We discover this truth when we follow our heart. 

What does following your heart mean? Every person has inner wisdom. “Follow your heart” means tuning into this inner wisdom and living life in alignment with this wisdom. Why is it that only some people know what their heart wants and have a passion for life, while others are lost wondering about their purpose? It’s because, in order to follow the heart, one needs to tune in and connect with their heart. Only people, who can look within, can find what their heart wants and follow their heart

Why should you follow your heart?All the greatest inventions of this world are outcomes of someone following their heart. All the people who left a legacy behind are the people who followed their heart even when there were obstacles.When the whole world ridiculed and said something different than what their heart said, they still followed their inner wisdom. When Edison set out to invent a bulb that would revolutionize the entire world, people thought he was crazy. He failed almost 1000 times, and then he invented the bulb. What gave him the courage to try one last time even after failing so many times? It’s his heart’s desire to invent a bulb. So, why do these legends and super-achievers follow their heart even when there are challenges and obstacles? What happens in our life when we follow our heart?

13 reasons to follow your heart

1. It brings satisfaction, happiness, and meaning to our life. Ordinary moments of life look meaningful and extraordinary.

2. It helps us find reasons to live and make life a celebration. 

3. You will always have something exciting to look forward to, and you are excited about your future. You no longer dwell in your past.

4. When we are busy following our heart, It’s not possible to feel unhappy or depressed or have suicidal tendencies.

5. You jump out of bed with excitement each morning to live your life’s purpose.

6. When you follow your heart, you fulfill your destiny and purpose.

7. You can overcome any obstacles, and you will find a way even in the toughest times. Because when we truly connect with our heart, we are always in alignment with the Universe and our Higher Self, and this alignment makes us more loving, compassionate, and a strong, wise, great human being. With these qualities, we can overcome any obstacles along the way. 

8. As we continue to be in alignment with the universe and our heart, life becomes effortless even when there are challenges because challenges will feel like new learnings rather than setbacks. We live in the flow of life where everything becomes effortless and easy. 

9. Your passion for following your heart can be the driving force to achieve your goals. 

10. When we follow our heart, we discover the divinity within us and all around us. We can see the divinity in that small flower, in a child’s smile, in those cloud patterns and everywhere around us. Faith and morality become our second nature.

Follow your heart

11. Frustration, unhappiness, and depression exist in our life when we have no purpose. And these are not mental illnesses that need help from a psychiatrist or psychologist or popping anti-depressant pills. Most so-called mental illnesses exist or persist because of no connect with the heart. All we need to do is connect with our heart, listen to the whispers of our heart, and have the courage to follow our heart.

12. Typical modern societies where people suffer from existential crisis is because of the emptiness they feel inside. Discovering one’s heart can solve this crisis. 

13. Many people land up in a psychiatrist’s office because they hate their job and cannot find purpose in what they are doing. Once you work in a profession that your heart desires, you find the joy of living.

How to follow your heart?Now that we understood why we should follow our heart, the next question is how to follow the heart? Below are some steps which can guide you along.

Step 1: Connect with your heart – The first step is to consciously discover what your heart wants. Go within and connect with your heart and discover your unique skills, desires, and passions. When you take time to go within, your purpose in life will gradually unfold, and you can see the big picture of your life. 

Step 2: Have the courage to follow – Once you crack what your heart wants, it’s only a matter of courage and effort to stay on the right path. The path of following your heart is the vision, mission, and purpose of your life. It’s a great adventure. But having said this, it can also be quite challenging sometimes. So, have the courage to follow your heart. How do you find the courage to stick to your path even when obstacles come up? What are the resources you will need on your journey?

Step 3: Build your resources – To have the courage to follow your heart, you need to have:

1. Healthy body

2. Strong mindset

3. Happy emotions

4. Decent financial well-being

5. Time management

6. Connection with the divinity

When you have these, you are all set to follow your heart and your journey becomes an effortless flow. No force can stop you, and you become just unstoppable. The next question one may have is – how to build these resources?

Step 4: Use the right tools and strategies along your journey – Building your resources needs the right tools, strategies, effort, and time. So, commit to investing time and effort in yourself and building your personality. Find the right tools and strategies which help build yourself. Some of these can be like eating the right foods, meditation, financial planning, exercising, the ability to forgive, sharpening the mind, etc. This platform – MannGhatt, will have many such tools and strategies to help you in your journey of following your heart.

 These are the steps that can help you follow your heart. There is nothing more satisfying than following your heart and pursuing things that matter to you. Throw yourself into following your heart as it is the most important thing you can do in your life. You are born for that. When every person follows their heart, the world will be free of depression, boredom, poverty, injustice, and even crime. We can contribute towards making this world a joyful and peaceful place just by following our hearts. 

“There is no reason not to follow your heart” – Steve Jobs.

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