10 simple ways to create free time in life

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Modern life has become too hectic. Whether we are a homemaker or an employee or an entrepreneur, we all agree with one point, and that is “no free time.” We have multiple to-do lists, never-ending tasks, and various engagements. Every day is a fire fighting mechanism for many of us. And we all wish for free time. If you are an achiever in life, finding free time in is a huge challenge because there is always some task to do or someone waiting for you.

We wish for that uninterrupted, free time in life where both mind and body are relaxed. But this has become a luxury in current times. So, how to find free time in life? Well, we can never find free time. When we use the word ‘find,’ it’s like someone else has to offer it to us. But our time is in our hands, and no one can offer us free time. Instead of finding free time, we should create free time.

How to create free time? Like anything worthwhile in life, it needs some effort from us. Here are some tips that help you create free time in life, no matter how hectic your life is.

1. Empower: Empower people around you to own their tasks. For example, if you are a parent, empower your children to manage their homework. If you are an entrepreneur, empower your team to make decisions and manage their daily tasks. Invest the time that is needed to empower people around you. When you empower others, you need not be involved with everything, and your presence will be required occasionally.

2. Trust: Some of us go into the mode of ‘only I can do it better’ and end up doing everything. When you follow this approach, you will end up doing many unnecessary things, and you miss spending time on things that really matter to you. So, the easier way is to trust others and let them do their work. You can always step in when things go wrong or when things are not up to the mark. When you trust others and stop spending your time on unnecessary tasks, you will be creating extra time for yourself in a day.

3. Say no to multitasking: Many of us think multitasking saves time and improves productivity. But this kills productivity and wastes time. Research shows that multitasking causes a 40% drop in productivity. So, take one task at a time and give your best. With this approach, you will be able to accomplish a lot more in a short span of time.


4. Don’t check Social media updates constantly: Social media is an addiction, and most of us keep checking our updates constantly – be it WhatsApp or Facebook, or Instagram. Research says the human mind gets addicted to the excitement and uncertainty of a new message, and this addiction makes us check messages constantly. But this drains our energies, focus, and productivity. Our tasks take more time to complete with these little distractions.

5. Plan: Plan your time in advance. Have a detailed plan regarding your schedule for a month, a week, and a day. When you plan, you can clearly prioritize where you should spend your time and cut down distractions. When you are planning your time ahead, keep some time aside to handle any unexpected situations. When you don’t plan your time, it’s easy to spend it on unnecessary and unwanted tasks.

6. Audit your time: Keep track of how you are spending your time on a regular basis. Maintain a note and note down the time you are spending on each task. When you audit your time, you can clearly see the areas of improvement. This audit tells you the time you are wasting or spending on unnecessary tasks.

7. Delegate: We should be realistic that one person cannot do everything in a day. So, identify the tasks which you can delegate to others. Can your family members help you in some way? Can your team members help you? Do you need to hire someone? Identify the areas which need help and delegate them.

8. Identify your peak performance time: Some of us are morning people, and some of us are night owls. Identify the time in your day where you are at your best in terms of energy levels and alertness. Once you identify this time, use it to accomplish the most important tasks of your day. Use this peak performance time to do the tasks that fetch you great results. Don’t spend this time on tasks which are not important to you.

9. Build your body and mind: Your greatest tools to accomplish anything in life are – your body and mind. When you spend time to nurture and build them, they become super-efficient. And you can accomplish a lot more in less time when your body is healthy and your mind is sharp. So, invest some time every day to improve these tools. Be mindful of what you are feeding them with.

10. Have blocks of free time: Every two hours, have a block of free time in life where you do nothing but just relax and chill. During this time, don’t take any calls. Don’t perform any important tasks. Use this time to just recharge and replenish yourself. In this time, do something that brings you joy and inspiration. Maybe, you can read a page from an inspiring book or practice your hobby or just watch your favourite videos. This time can be as small as 5 minutes to 10 minutes, but it still makes a great difference to the quality of your life.

These are some tips that help you to create free time.

Free time is important in our life to relax and take a break. It recharges us and gives a “me time.” If we are in a constant rush throughout the day, we end up in stress, which is unhealthy to our body and mind. So, it is very important to have free time and be relaxed. Create your free time in life and treasure it. It is precious.

Take care!

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