10 amazing benefits of having a morning ritual

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Morning –This is the beginning of a brand-new day on this planet. How do you start your morning? With gratitude? Boredom? Tiredness? Big smile? Prayer? Exercise? The way you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Morning Ritual is a series of activities that you perform after waking up to have a fantastic day ahead. It’s your preparation time where you align your body, mind, and spirit and start your day on a positive note. A powerful morning ritual has several benefits. Below are the top 10 benefits of a well-structured morning ritual.

1. Positive start: Your day starts on a positive note and in a structured manner without any kind of rush and hurry. This is a wonderful day to start your day.

2. Abundant time: Many of us complain about the lack of time in life. A well structured morning ritual gives you control over your time and day and abundance of time. You will find time to exercise, meditate, and do other practices which you always wanted to do.

3. Better prioritization: It helps you to think through your priorities for the day and accomplish them. Knowing one’s priorities are extremely important for a productive day.

4. Me time: It is an opportunity to connect with yourself and have your own personal time. Having “me time” is important for a happy life.

5. Boost in productivity: You become more productive, focused, and less anxious.

6. Proactive: You become proactive and not reactive. You get time to think through before other people’s demands start pouring in.

7. Rejuvenation: You are refreshed and rejuvenated enough to handle the challenges of the day. You will find greater levels of energy throughout the day.

8. Increased positivity: Starting your day with positivity helps you carry a positive outlook throughout the day, and this improves your productivity in work, health, and relationships.

9. Better quality of life: The quality of your life improves tremendously.

10. More satisfaction: You feel satisfied and fulfilled with your life.

These are some of the benefits of having a morning ritual in place. So, how to create a morning ritual? Below are some pointers that help you to design your morning ritual.

1. Think about priorities: Before you design your morning ritual, think about your priorities in life. Think about what you want in life and why you want it. This clarity about what you want helps in creating a meaningful and better morning ritual.

2. Include gratitude: Plan your morning ritual to include gratitude. Gratitude has numerous benefits, and it can help you in fulfilling your wishes. Below are some ways to practice gratitude during morning time.

1. Start your day with gratitude. The moment you wake up, feel the gratitude for being blessed with a new day. This simple step will give you a great boost to your day.

2. Do a gratitude walk where you practice gratitude for various blessings in your life while walking

3. Write your blessings in a gratitude journal, and feel gratitude for all these blessings in your life.

4. Do deep breathing and visualize that gratitude is filling you.

3. Some practices you can include: You can spend any amount of time doing your morning ritual. Based on the time you can allocate, plan to include the below practices in your morning ritual.


Walk barefoot in the grass

Oil pulling

Hydrate with lots of water

Write in a gratitude journal

Plan your day

Watch Sunrise

Do yoga

Read something inspiring


Repeat positive affirmations

Visualize your day and events turning out positive

Listen to uplifting music

Pray to the divine


Play a sport

Spend time with family members

Spend time with pets

Breathing exercises

4. Focus on body, mind and soul: Your morning ritual is your own morning ritual, and it can have any number of steps. Make sure that your steps include practices that rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Even if you spend only 15 minutes doing your morning ritual, plan it in such a way that these three major aspects of you are covered. Ultimately your life is the sum total of your body, mind, and soul. So, if you take care of them every day, they become better and better, and you tend to become more successful in life.

5. Be flexible: You can create your morning ritual by adding steps that make you feel joyful and improve your productivity. Your morning ritual can be anything that fills you with gratitude, energy, happiness. It should nourish your body, thoughts, and emotions, spirit. Whether you want to finish your morning ritual in 10 minutes or take a few hours, it’s up to you—plan as per your schedule and priority.

6. Start small: Start with small steps and build consistency. As you build your consistency, add more steps to your morning ritual.

7. Inner wisdom: Your morning ritual evolves with time and practice. So, let your inner wisdom guide you on this journey.

8. Take care of your busy days: Create a morning ritual plan for busy days. Some days will be very busy, and there will not be much time to practice the morning ritual. Instead of skipping the ritual on such days, plan to do the morning ritual for 5 minutes. Plan what practices you are going to do in these 5 minutes and follow this plan on busy days.

These are some pointers that help you in designing your morning ritual. Every person should have a morning ritual. It’s your sacred time. Don’t underestimate the power of small, consistent, focused, positive daily actions. They can add up for an extraordinary life over time.

Many of us start our day with social media, emails, WhatsApp. This is not a productive or fulfilling way of starting our day. They drain our energy and thought power. Because of starting our day in an unproductive way, we feel tired and stressed out by the time we reach 4 or 5 PM. So, try to postpone social media and news. Let everything wait till you practice your morning ritual.

Before you start doing anything, take care of your body, mind, and spirit first thing in the morning. This will make your day a productive and great day. This will transform your life beyond your imagination.

Take your first step in designing your morning ritual now. Wishing you loads of health, light, and love!

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