8 Hygiene Tips For This Summer


Summertime is definitely a very refreshing time. We enjoy having cold drinks and holidaying to some riveting destinations and so on. With this enjoyment, there also comes a responsibility, a responsibility to take care of our body. Hygiene in summer is a bit of a challenge and we have to be more careful about it. The heat and pollution make our bodies sweat which causes irritation. We also have to take care of our skin because the UV rays of the sun can damage our skin. 

 Hygiene is important all throughout the year. But in the summer, maintaining good hygiene becomes more important because of the harsh weather conditions. 

Our health depends on how hygienic we are and so there are a few specific Hygiene practices we need to follow in the summer for our good health.

Below are a few hygiene tips for us to follow this summer

  1. Choose Cotton Clothes

The fabric which we use makes a lot of difference. Fabrics like satin, silk, polyester and georgette make your body sweat more profusely. So choose light coloured clothes which are made out of cotton and you will feel more comfortable. Summer gives you a chance to wear all your pastel-coloured clothes. Also, substitute your jeans with cotton trousers or pyjamas in the summer.

  1. Take-Two Showers Everyday 

One in the morning and one in the evening. When you get back from work your body is probably sweaty and itchy owing to the heat. So having a bath in the evening can make you feel refreshed. Also, ensure that your shower gel or soap has coolants like lemon or cucumber, that will make your body feel cool and hygienic. If you wish you could also add a few drops of dettol to keep your body away from germs. 

  1. Intimate Hygiene 

Intimate hygiene is equally important during summer. There can be itching or irritation in your intimate area due to the heat. Hence ensure that you clean up well to avoid any issues. 

  1. Foot Hygiene 

Since many of us wear formal clothing and footwear to the office, it is likely that our feet sweat more in the summer. As soon as you get back, soak your legs in lukewarm water so that you get rid of any bad odour. Further, it will also release any tension in your feet. You can also ensure that your socks are completely dry before you wear them else it will release a bad odour. 

  1. Use a powder/deodorant/perfume

Even after following all the above points, there are chances that our bodies might release a bad odour. The best way to tackle this would be to use a deodorant, perfume, powder, underarm roll-on or anything that you feel comfortable with. In case you are travelling or if you are out for longer periods of time then you can carry a small pocket deo or perfume. 

  1. Carry a sanitizer or hand wash 

Summertime is a good time for bacteria and viruses to get into our bodies. The high temperatures create a favourable environment for these viruses to exist. Hence use a hand wash or hand sanitizer at regular intervals and before you have your lunch and dinner.

  1. Maintain adequate hygiene standards in your washroom 

Keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic will save you from bacteria. Summertime is also known to accommodate health issues arising from lack of hygiene. Hence clean your bathroom with a good disinfectant at least twice a week. 

  1. Face hygiene 

If you are somebody who regularly uses makeup then keep a check on your face hygiene. The makeup mixed with sweat impacts your skin and can also cause rashes or irritation. Further, use sunscreen to keep your face protected from the harsh rays of the sun. Ensure that the SPF is 30 to keep skin issues at bay. Use it regularly and consistently for the best benefits.

Follow these eight practices through the summer and gift yourself good health through the summer. Hygiene is important because it impacts our health massively. Many health issues affect us due to inadequate Hygiene issues. Therefore by maintaining good Hygiene standards we are ensuring our good health and well being. 

Happy Summer!

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