5 Ways to fight your fears

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Our fears are our own creation. A creation of our mind that ultimately aims to reduce our productivity and makes us take wrong decisions. Letting the seed of fear grow in us strains our life in all aspects, mentally, physically, emotionally and makes it difficult for us to enjoy our life. 

But the hack here is that when you start ignoring your fears, it finds no reason to stay with you. It is only fear that breeds more fear and takes forms that bother you. Our mind is an exceptionally powerful device, it can change things quickly if we decide to do so. 

Here are 5 ways to fight your fears

  1. Ask 6 Continuous Why’s

Keep asking 6 why’s to yourself. For instance, the first question could be Why am I afraid of something? The next question could be: Why is that particular thing bothering me? The third question could be; Why is this happening now? In this manner keep asking questions to yourself and you will realize the reason behind your fears. Once you know that, you can fight it with confidence. Often our fears are creations of our mind and they try to reduce our fighting spirit and lower our confidence. However, once you ask yourself these questions, you will realize that all it actually takes is a calm mind and a little bit of courage and you will soon find yourself across the bridge. 

  1. Break Your Routine 

Our routines are hectic and our work commitments and household chores take away most of our time. In all of this, if you find yourself to be afraid about something or if something seems to bother you, you have to take out time. If we do not take the time to analyze and understand ourselves, we will not be able to overcome our fears. Breaking your routine and regular pattern of life and giving yourself time works wonders. For instance, you might be bothered about work or scared about an assignment and you might find it difficult to find out what exactly bothers you. A rejuvenating time in a resort or say a small trip could open up your mind and give you a suitable solution. The solution to facing our fears lies within us. We just have to take that break and come back with a bang. 

  1. Share Your Fears 

Human beings are social beings. We feel happy around our peers and family members. We are all lucky to have a trusted few who care about us. It could be your mother or a friend or even your neighbour.  Sharing your fears with another person is therapeutic. You will feel like a huge burden is off your head. Trust the right people and share your thoughts. They will surely have something to say and advise. Their advice could give you the ability to face your fears and resolve them. If you feel like you are really afraid of something then approach a counselor. They will help you out and clear your thoughts for your own good. Do not be afraid of sharing or approaching a counselor. Everybody understands the hectic and challenging lives we lead. So, feel free and share and ensure that your fears are not dominating your life. 

  1. Spirituality and Meditation 

Spirituality and meditation help you connect with your soul. Meditation can calm your anxiety and make you think rationally about what is bothering you. Once you understand the reason behind why something is happening, you will surely find solutions to get over it. At the end of the day, it is totally in your hands. You have to be the change you want to see. External forces can guide you, but implementing solutions and consciously making decisions to face your fears is your responsibility. Understand that your fears are your illusions which can be broken with courage and confidence. 

  1. Faith

They say fear and faith cannot coexist. We must choose faith and kick our fears out. Faith will heal you of your problems and your anxiety. Have faith in yourself. Know that problems are temporary and you have the will and power to face them with faith. With promising faith, you also require patience. Your fears are not an overnight creation. You develop fears over a period of time. Similarly facing and fighting them will also take time. We should not lose patience. 

Our fears are very powerful. If we let our fears guide us, we will only invite future misery. Counsel yourself to face your fears and you will slowly but surely overcome them.

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