4 steps to build your character


There are 6 categories in our life which we need to focus on and constantly improve for a happy life. All these 6 categories are inter-related to each other. When we make progress in one category, automatically, the other 5 categories also improve to a certain extent. Similarly, when we neglect any one category, the other 5 categories are also negatively affected to a certain extent. The second category out of these 6 categories is character.

Our success and happiness in life are dependent on the kind of person we are and our character. Our character is the sum total quality of our thoughts, emotions, words, attitude, and actions. When our success is built on noble character, it stays permanent and lasting. When we compromise on our character for success, success fades away eventually. A person with a strong character can create a great legacy and outstanding contribution to the world.

None of us are perfect, and we are all evolving. We are not born with perfect character. It’s in our hands to shape our character. So, we need to have a concrete plan in place to shape our character step-by-step. Some noble qualities we can build in us are

1. Patience

2. Kindness

3. Honesty

4. Moderation

5. Hard-working nature

6. Discipline

7. Punctuality

8. Gentleness

9. Happiness

10. Generosity

11. Gratitude

12. Tolerance

13. Compassion

14. Inner calmness

15. Strong mind

16. Refined emotions

17. Trustworthiness

18. Reliability

When a person has these qualities built, no matter what your life’s circumstances are, success is destined. With strong character in place, nothing can stop you from achieving what you want in life. Right opportunities come your way. A person with great character is always in demand because getting such kind of person is very challenging in the world. So, if our goal is success, we should also work on building our character.

Let us create a plan now to build a rock-solid character using the below 4 steps.

1. Create empowering beliefs: Your beliefs shape your reality. Your beliefs determine how your character is molded. So, creating empowering beliefs about your character is the first step on your journey. With negative beliefs in place, even the best of your efforts fail because your own beliefs stop you from achieving the results. Ask yourself what your negative beliefs about character category are and also be aware of your conversations and thoughts to find your negative limiting beliefs. Once you find your negative beliefs, remove and replace them with positive, empowering beliefs. 

Below are some examples of empowering beliefs about the character which you can create in your life

1. My character is in my hands

2. With great character, I become super successful

3. My character is my asset

4. I am destined to have great character

5. I enjoy improving myself as a person every day

6. I have the ability to choose my thoughts and emotions

2. Create a vision: Understand what you want to achieve in the character category. Understand your heart’s desires for this category. Don’t think whether achieving your goals is feasible or not. For a moment, think that you can achieve anything you want in your life and ask yourself questions like below.


1. What kind of person do I want to become?

2. How do I want my words to be?

3. What kind of emotions do I want to carry?

4. What kind of thoughts do I want to carry?

5. How do I want to treat everyone around me?

6. How do I want to be remembered by others?

7. What kind of legacy do I want to leave?

Take some time and find your answers to the above questions. Once you have your answers, write down your vision statement as if it already happened. A clear vision, which is written as if it has already happened, helps you in tuning your subconscious mind and achieving better results. Below are some examples of vision statements for the character category.

1. I am trustworthy.

2. I am kind.

3. I have great control over my emotions and thoughts.

4. I am disciplined.

5. I am punctual.

6. I am remembered for my noble character.

3. Understand your purpose behind your vision: In this step, list down all your reasons why you want your character to be noble. Understand why you want to achieve what you want. The important point is that your reasons should excite and inspire you. You can list down some reasons like below, which resonate with you.

1. I want to inspire my children

2. I want to positively impact others

3. I care for others

4. My character is important to me

5. I feel happy when I am at my best

6. I become successful with great character

7. I become prosperous with great character

Take some time and write down all the reasons why you want to work on your character. The stronger your reasons, the better your commitment to your vision.

4. Create your action plan: Any goal can be achieved only when it has a concrete action plan. Create a massive action plan that gives you outstanding results. Your plan should be such that you should be able to follow your action steps even when you are busy, and your days are packed. Your schedules should not become an excuse or obstacle in achieving your goals. Some examples of the action items you can plan to do are as below.

1. I will meditate thrice in a week.

2. I will practice random acts of kindness twice a week.

3. I practice awareness of my breath when I am angry.

4. I will keep track of my progress.

5. I will read one enriching book per month.

6. I will think through thoroughly before I give my word.

Write down all your action items and refer to this article ” 10 Steps to achieve your goals”. This article will help you plan your action steps in such a way that you can practice them even on a busy day.

Once you have all these 4 steps in place, it becomes a cake-walk for you to achieve your goals related to character. Most of the time, we create action items or resolutions about our character on December 31st every year like – I am not going to become angry from tomorrow, or I will not speak harshly with anyone. But we give up these resolutions in just a few days because it takes consistent effort and time to change our character. It’s a lifetime process to improve ourselves, and it needs a proper plan in place. Character building cannot be achieved randomly. It needs systematic work to build ourselves as a person of noble character.

So, take time and create the above 4 steps for one of the most important aspects of your life – your character. Take action now, and achieve what your heart desires.

Wish you love and peace.

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