20 Wellness Hacks you can practice in 1 Minute

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1 minute – It looks like a small amount of time, and some of us might never thought of doing any wellness practice in 1 minute. When we think of wellness practice, we think it needs at least 15 minutes. And we end up thinking we don’t have enough time to devote to wellness.

But are there any wellness practices that can be done in just 1 minute? Can our 1 minute of time help us walk towards wellness and health? The answer is Yes. There are such amazing wellness practices that can be done in 1 minute.

Here is the list of these practices which you can practice even when you are super busy.

1. Drink water – Water is very important for our health and wellness. In 1 minute of time, we can drink a glass of water. Many of us are dehydrated because we don’t drink sufficient amount of water. Keep an hourly reminder and use this 1 minute for drinking water. This boosts your health and energy levels.

2. Walk around – Walking for 1 minute is more beneficial than sitting continuously for hours. For every 30 minutes of sitting, you can take a 1-minute walk. This gives your body a movement. This also makes you energetic.

3. Deep breathing – When we breathe deeply, our stress reduces. This can be practiced anywhere. When we do deep breathing, our stress comes down, the mind gets refreshed, and we can do more work.

4. Super Brain Yoga – This is a great technique to enhance our intelligence and sharpen the mind. It brings several benefits to our wellbeing. In a minute, you can easily do 7 sets of Super Brain Yoga. This little hack boosts your productivity and mental abilities.

5. Body stretches – Its important to move our body multiple times in a day. Stretching is a very nice way of moving different parts of our body. It is relaxing and beneficial.

6. Gratitude journaling – Gratitude is a great way to fill the mind with positivity. It enhances our mood and makes us feel better. It takes just 1 minute to write 3 things about which you are grateful for. Or you can just practice gratitude in your mind for all the good things in your life.

7. Water a plant – When we water a plant regularly, it is therapeutic. It helps us feel good and happy. And when this little plant grows and starts giving fruits or vegetables or flowers, we experience great levels of joy. It takes only 1 minute to water a plant. You can have a small plant in your balcony and water it every day.

Water a Plant

8. Mantra chanting – Mantras are sounds that help us connect with the divine. You can choose any mantra that resonates with you and chant for a minute. This calms down your mind and fills you with positivity.

9. Mindfulness – This is a great practice to calm down our thoughts and emotions. No matter which task you are doing, add mindfulness to it for 1 minute. Mindfulness means being totally in the present moment and just focussing on the task in your hand. You can have such 1-minute mindfulness sessions every 1 hour.

10. Smile – Smiling heals our body and enhances our body. So, take a minute from your hectic schedule to just smile and do nothing. When you smile, happy hormones are released in your body.

11. Read inspiring quotes – Quotes are a wonderful way to get inspired. They can be read in just 1 minute. An inspiring quote gives us strength and a new perspective.

12. Plan – Before we do something, it is important to plan about it.  It need not be a detailed planning that goes on for hours and hours. Just taking a 1-minute time out to plan your day or next few hours too will benefit you.

13. Pray – Prayer is a great way to connect with the divine. Just take 1 minute out and pray to the divine from your heart. You can say thanks or ask for help or just think of God and meditate.

14. Remember your goals and priorities – It’s important to remember our goals and priorities every day. That’s how we can make regular progress towards these goals. So, take 1-minute time and remember your goals and priorities.

15. Affirmations – These are simple statements that infuse the mind with positivity and help us move towards our goals. Use positive affirmations that resonate with your goals and priorities.

16. Self-love – This is an aspect many of us neglect. But self-love is important for healthy self-esteem. So, take a minute and appreciate your own self. Say loving and kind words to yourself.

17. See nature photography – Spending time in nature is very beneficial to us. It refreshes and recharges us. But we might not have that time in a day to go out and spend time in nature. Research has shown that even seeing nature photography lowers our stress and calms down our mind. So, if you cannot go outdoors and spend time in nature, atleast see the picture of a beautiful forest or ocean.

18. Declutter – You can use 1 minute to remove any clutter from your desk or the space around you. This relaxes your mind and also reduces anxiety. This simple practice in 1 minute makes you feel good and productive.

19. Relax– Sometimes, all we need is just to relax and take a break. So, close your eyes and just relax. This gives you the time to refresh and recharge.

20. Eat something healthy – Eating a fruit like banana or dry fruits does not take much time. It just takes 1 minute, but this little practice in 1 minute contributes to our health. 

These are the 20 wellness practices you can do in 1 minute.

A day comes with only 1440 minutes, and each minute matters. We just need a minute to walk towards well being and health. You can pick up any of the above practices or something else that works for you and start your wellness journey.

Have you got a minute for your wellness?

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